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Following our dreams

Why Gymnastics?

We LOVE gymnastics and the incredible benefits it provides throughout life!  Gymnastics teaches so many lessons - the value of hard work, goal setting, overcoming challenges, the excitement of learning something new, and so much more.  These lessons can help a child become a successful gymnast, but will also help them find success in life! Whether a child discovers a passion for gymnastics, or for other sports, academics, music, or art, gymnastics provides a strong foundation for their future endeavors. Let us share our passion for gymnastics and its valuable lessons with your family!

Why Compass?

Compass Gymnastics is the premiere gymnastics provider in South San Diego County, offering the full spectrum of programming from beginners through all levels of competitive gymnastics. 


Our coaches are amazing!  Not only are they some of the very best in the county, they have years of experience and a true passion for helping kids grow and learn in a safe, fun, family environment.

Our 16,000 square foot facility is fully equipped to meet the needs of gymnasts and ninjas of all ages and abilities!

For us, the very best part of gymnastics is being a part of a child's journey from their very first class through wherever gymnastics and life may lead.  We love it when our former students come back to visit years after their gymnastics days are done.  We truly believe that gymnastics can serve as a compass and help you find your way and follow your dreams!

We are a proud part of the South County community, and are excited for the future!

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